Thursday, 15 October 2009

The speech I'd like Gordon Brown to give...

I've rounded up where I see things are after the conference season over on LabourList. Basically, little change in the public mind but a strategic victory for the Labour party- they have the Tories where they want them and where they have ended up in each of the last two elections. However, the context is different this time given the fiscal position. Nonetheless, there is all to play for.

I've had a bash at the speech I'd like to hear Gordon Brown deliver. It's not perfect, but in terms of tone it is radically different: more open, engaged and conversational. It concludes:

"We believe we face adversity down by coming together - as the British always have. We believe that we should all be equal not because it sounds good. We believe it because it means that people will be more free, our communities will be safer, and we will achieve more individually. Acting together, we will unleash our national creativity which has given us pride, time and time again.

“So let’s have a great national debate about who we are and the type of nation we want to be. I invite the Leader of the Opposition and the Leader of the Liberal Democrats to travel with me to our major cities to debate our national future. Let’s lift our politics from the mire to the sky. Let’s make this election a proud advert for our democracy.”

Anyway, we'll see where things go from here.....

NB: The image is an initial @alexsmith1982 attempt at a Shepard Fairey.

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