Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cameron dust and twigs

Well, it's been an incredible day for LabourList with the posting of an open letter from Stephen Fry and many others criticising the Tories' dalliance with Polish homophobe Michal Kaminski. Mr Fry tweeted the link to his 800,000 or so followers and since then Alex Smith, LabourList's Editor, has literally been holding the whole thing together straining every sinew in the process.

He found time to post my weekly column which dealt with the emerging picture of the Tories from their conference in Manchester: irresponsible and damaging to the national interest.

The 'dust and twigs' reference is in relation to a David Cameron as 'tea bag' analogy that someone outlined to me over the weekend:
As he explained, you don’t know what’s in a tea bag until you dip it in hot water and see what emerges. On the evidence of Sunday morning, Cameron’s tea bag is full of dust and twigs.

The dust just washes away leaving a foul taste behind. It’s the twigs, though, that are the real concern.

More than any Opposition in living memory, this Cameron Conservative party is hell bent on pursuing major policies that are extremely detrimental to the UK’s national interest
And while you are considering the national interest and these Conservatives, I would highly recommend taking a few moments to read Edward McMillan-Scott's analysis of David Cameron's new friends. It is fierce and absolutely on the money.

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