Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Obama style campaigning in the UK

Gisela Stuart MP and Caroline Badley argue for an entirely new approach to party organisation in the latest piece I've put up on LabourList. This is not theory. They've put into practice with startling results. Zak Exley's The New Organisers has to be one of the best articles I've ever recommended anyone!

Here's a taster:
This notion of the decline in party activism is evident everywhere from the mass media describing a Labour Party “organisation in creaking disrepair” through to academic papers on the subject.

In Birmingham Edgbaston Constituency however, the reality on the ground could not be more different. We’ve always been on the more positive end of the organisational spectrum but since January this year we’ve recruited over 100 extra activists – some to deliver leaflets, some to talk to voters and some to collect petition signatures.

When we tell people about this we get one of three reactions – disbelief; two - you may have done it but it won’t work in our patch or three - how? (and please explain in detail).

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