Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Crass Chris Grayling and The Wire's reality

I was perplexed and appalled to hear Chris Grayling Shadow Home Secretary compare modern Britain to The Wire this morning. So I devoted my labour movement column to his crass comments putting to one side what I had planned to write. While researching Barack Obama: the movement for change, I spent some time in an urban community where he had worked as a community organiser. The article looks at the reality of a The Wire style community and comes to the conclusion:
Nobody is claiming that Britain doesn’t face major social issues - few nations do not. To pretend they are new is dishonest. To compare Britain to the communities we see both in The Wire and across America is disingenuous. The only conclusion has to be that while it is clear that the Conservatives are desperate to get into government, they are not serious as a party of government. If they were, they would not fantasise about a Britain derived from a TV drama in this way.

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  1. Chris has made a valid point, if anything we are becoming worse than "the wire" and people in power should wake up and smell the coffee, and not be offended by the harsh realities of what is happening to this fast dacaying nation.