Monday, 27 July 2009

Top ten blogs- vote!

I am going to say this only once. Here are the ten blogs I voted for in the Total Politics Top Ten blogs poll 2009:

1. LabourList.
2. Next Left.
3. Liberal Conspiracy.
4. Hopi Sen ‘Blog from the backroom.’
5. Progressonline.
6. Rupa Huq.
7. Don Paskini.
8. Mark Reckons.
9. Craig Murray.
10. Danny Finkelstein.

I included one Tory, one Lib Dem, and two independent.

Feel free to vote for this site but you must follow the instructions very carefully.



  1. Flattered to see myself up there. I usually boycot these blog beauty contests but as every blogger I respect is urging all to participate I might bend this year. Have enjoyed seeing your metamorposis from E8 Voice to AP. One small gripe... I don't believe you ever responded to my tag questions on John Smith. If you're bored over the silly season would still be curious to see your answers...

    Am having trouble posting permalink but it was called "Down Memory Lane With the Smiths"

  2. What about the utterly indispensible Julian's musings?

  3. Rupa- Smith: I did promise and it got missed. Will re-visit!

    Julian: I knew I was going to create trouble for myself by publishing the list. I also knew that I had left off many excellent blogs- one of which is