Thursday, 23 July 2009

This blog needs help.....

I've been doing this blog for almost eighteen months now. It started off as a travelog of my trip to America to cover the Barack Obama campaign. Then I started writing a bit more about British politics. Like many blogs on the left it is driven more by commentary than gossip. I make no apology for that. It is part of a family of blogs that includes (and I'm sorry for any omissions!) LabourList, Next Left, Liberal Conspiracy, Progress, Hopi Sen's a blog from the backroom, Rupa Huq, and Don Paskini. These blogs are thoughtful, generally speaking of the left, and concentrate on quality rather than volume (I make no apology for that.) You will find other excellent blogs by looking at the signatories of the 'Why we blog' statement. I should also mention the PoliticsHome website that kindly links to my blog posts and that is very valuable indeed (and it's a great site!)

This blog has developed into an important thing for me. It kept me in touch with the Obama campaign on a day to day basis and now his presidency. It gave me an opportunity to market the book. And it has led to a number of appearances in the media (with a mixture of success!)

However, it is still the same old deliberately amateurish design. I want something new and fresh. Over the Summer, I am looking to port the blog from Blogger to Wordpress and I'd like a very new template- that will allow me to showcase individual elements like 'Climate change Thursday.' Can you help? There will be a reward to be determined......If so, please contact me: anthonypainter AT

Finally, Total Politics have launched a top 100 blogs vote. The results will go in a book (hmmm, why a book?) to be published in September. If you like this blog then please click on this link and vote. I will be voting for all the blogs mentioned above and one or two surprises. But please if you value the left blogging space please vote and get others to vote to.

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