Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nick Clegg, John Hemming, and Ayoub Khan

Well, well. Not only has Nick Clegg failed to take action against Ayoub Khan but the very liberal Lib Dem MP for Birmingham Yardley, John Hemming MP, has pitched into the scandal. On Hopi Sen's superlative Blog from the Back Room, he made the following comment:
I think this web post is libellous.

I agree with Ayoub Khan that the landrover was torched by Labour supporters in order to intimidate witnesses.
Amazingly, he then goes on to state on his own 'web log' (get with it John for goodness sake, it's 2009):
I personally believe that the car was torched by Labour supporters in an attempt to intimidate witnesses in the Election Court. To that extent I beleive (sic) that it succeeded. Neither Ayoub, nor myself have any evidence as to who torched the car, but we have a lot of experience of Birmingham Politicns (sic). To that extent we have a "reasonable suspicion", but no more than that.
Again, I quote the Elections Commissioner: Mr Straker QC described this allegation as 'unpleasant and unsubstantiated.' And yet, John Hemming insists on making yet again. Note that he doesn't accuse anyone specifically (can't risk a libel case can we, John?) and note that by his own admission neither he nor Ayoub Khan have any evidence- perhaps the liberal concept of the rule of law as opposed to the rule of John Hemming's beliefs passed him by- grade F GCSE Politics.

There are now two questions. Why hasn't Nick 'do what's right' Clegg intervened? And why is John Hemming defending a man who has been described by an Elections Commissioner of making 'unpleasant', 'unsubstantiated', and 'sordid' accusations?

Post script: If you require a bit of background here is the coverage of this in the Guardian and Birmingham Post yesterday. I also posted on this further down the page.

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