Sunday, 14 June 2009

Let the true Iran flourish

Iran's reformers are being suffocated. Not only is Hossein Mousavi apparently being held under house arrest, major figures such as Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Majlis have come out in favour of Mahmoud Ahmadinejed, while at least a 100 leading reformers have been arrested. This BBC report by John Simpson expertly summarises the situation- some of his earlier reporting had been confiscated:

BBC in Tehran

Mousavi's campaign had used the tools of the internet- Facebook, YouTube, Twitter- extensively. Now they become tools in resisting oppression. However, the Iranian regime- and that is what it is- is slowly strangling the net and mobile telephony. But the net is too organic to be entirely defeated. Take this Twitter feed from @jadi who sounds like a man drowning as he runs out of the air of the internet. Somehow he keeps breathing and so we can understand what is happening: @jadi. @mousavi1388 also tweets- is this the voice of Mousavi himself?
Dear Iranian People, Mousavi has not left you alone, he has been put under house arrest by Ministry of Intelligence
I don't know whether the election results were falsified or not- I strongly suspect so. But the violent suppression of dissent and free speech in their aftermath is showing the regime for what it is- a brutal theocractic dictatorship masquerading as a democracy. Even though President Ahmadinejad was reelected Iran has changed today. Quite simply, it is a young society that no longer accepts theocracy. Consequently, it is a nation that will turn on itself and goodness knows what consequences that will have internationally. I hate to apply what I see to have become the rule of Middle-Eastern politics but it seems apt: imagine the worst case scenario and that will be the scenario most proximate to the actual outcome.

All we can do is give voice to people like @jadi- follow them, disseminate their words, and support them. An Iran that is true to itself is in all our interests. True democracy is not about win or lose elections. It is about properly representing the will of the people- all the people. Iran's sham presidential election, its aftermath and their oafish leader, are a world apart from that. One day we hope that we can see the true Iran- the great Iran- flourish once more.

Post script: Here are pictures from around Iran of the resistance courtesy of @mousavi1388:

I have started following a number of Iranian protesters- look at my 'following' list to see them:

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