Monday, 22 June 2009

Hague the ill-informed

William Hague in a characteristic act of out of touch delusion has accused those who question the on-the-record views of the parties in the Tories' new Conservative and Reformist Group in the European Parliament as 'ill-informed and out of date.'

I particularly enjoyed his assertion that while the Polish Law and Justice Party had banned gay marches, many parties in Poland held 'conservative' views on the issue. So is homophobia a 'conservative' position?Interesting. There are other homophobic politicians in Poland, so that's alright then? The absence of logic is astounding.

You can see what both the Polish Law and Justice Party and the Czech Civic Democrats have said about Barack Obama, homosexuality and climate change in my last post.

It is quite clear that it is not the views of the Tories' critics who are ill-informed and out of date. It is the views of the Tories' new European political bed-fellows. That the Tories are willing to tolerate it demonstrates just how much they have failed to reform even after a dozen years of opposition.

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