Thursday, 25 June 2009

The curse of Barack Obama

Barack Obama has a history of seeing his political opponents bite the dust following revelations about their personal lives. It happened to his opponent in the 2004 Senate race- Jack Ryan- whose ex-wife revealed some unsavory facts about their sex life. The well-financed and surging campaign of Blair Hull for the Democratic nomination had already been seen off by allegations of domestic abuse.

Now South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanfod- seen as a possible Republican runner in 2012- has been ejected from the running as his affair comes into the open. Chris Matthews speculates whether there is a Tutankhamun effect of the 2012 nomination for Republicans. Personally, I think it's the curse of Barack Obama. How did it work in 2008 presidential election? It made John McCain select Sarah Palin as running-mate. Beware.

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