Friday, 8 May 2009

Mr Cameron has "made a serious mistake"

Christopher Beazley MEP on the Conservative Leader:

"The leader of my party, Mr David Cameron, has made a serious mistake. He is in error: he thinks that by becoming anti European in the House of Commons this will secure him the premiership of my country. I, as a British Conservative, reserve the right to object – that is my final word. There are British Tories, Socialists, Liberals. We are Europeans. We will stand with our partners and our allies and, if my party leader seeks to rip up 30 years of work by British Tory pro Europeans, he is wrong!"

(The House accorded the speaker a standing ovation.)


  1. Ah, the Tories must be glad the carpetbagger isn't standing for them this time round. Supranational ideology before party, and party before country, what a muppet.