Saturday, 11 April 2009

On Obama: naive liberal or apologist for malign US power- you decide

My piece on President Obama and his foreign policy performance in the last week or so has inspired controversy over at Guardian Comment is Free. The president defined a new approach to foreign relations that sets him apart from President Bush: one that leads through partnership, sets clear objectives and definable outcomes, and then constructs winning coalitions to secure those outcomes. There are measurable tests of his success: the joint declaration with Russia is the best example.

For some, this is liberal Obama idolatry, the man is Jimmy Carter in disguise and we are all just blinded to that (note: was Jimmy Carter really that bad? Really?) This was perhaps the worst presidential performance since Gerald Ford rolled down the steps of Air Force One. For others, President Obama is just a new, charismatic captain of a malign ship. The evil empire still exists and is set not just on world domination but destruction. You might find yourself somewhere in between these two positions. Any which way, feel free to pitch into a lively debate which I'm enjoying immensely.

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  1. I believe Jimmy Carter is laughing. Finally! a president who will actually make him look good! Is it possible to arrest a President for treason? This guy is incredibly naive - big time! Iran, N Korea, Russia, China, Venezuela (et al) - these guys must be salivating and laughing at this ding-dong of a President! And I'm sorry to say that the "intellectual" blue state popluation is far more naive than its rural red state population.