Saturday, 11 April 2009

Cheerio blogosphere- I'm out of here

Not forever I'm afraid, I hope, just for a short break to San Francisco. I have managed to time my trip to coincide with the political blogosphere trying to demonstrate that it can be every bit as petty as the 'Mainstream Media' but a little more personal. Funnily enough, those who want to partake in this ego-fest have the run of the nation's TV studios today.

So expect some more US focused stuff next week and by the time I get back I hope that this has all blown over. Because whatever the rights and wrongs of who said what to who and about who and sent whatever to whom there is a bigger picture here. Ranting and gossip is not going to attract a wider, serious audience to this medium which, in terms of reach, is very much in its infancy. Or maybe I'm wrong. Or perhaps this format is just gutter tabloid gossip on line. In which case, I'm in the wrong game. But I don't believe that's the case. We'll see.


  1. There is nothing petty about exposing the use of taxpayers' money to fund party political campaigning, especially where that campaigning is likely to be in breach of the law of libel.

  2. Well, be careful about the accusations that you make......if we are bounding about libel. But of course you weren't making a accusation, you were making a general point.....

    I don't know the ups and downs of this. I do know that the vast majority of people will find this whole thing a complete turn-off and it will reflect badly on EVERYONE involved. No-one wins from these process spats. And political blogging will be one of losers this time.

  3. Rubbish. This is a disgraceful piece of typical Labour behaviour. If it were Tory you and your lot would not bugger off to America.

  4. I am becoming quite fond of Oldrightie. I don't know why and I'm sure it's not good for either of us.