Tuesday, 17 March 2009

How would you campaign against Facebook?

Facebook have rather idiotically decided to redesign their homepage again. The new design is about as popular as a Wikipedia editor at a Encyclopedia Britannica convention. So how should you go about protesting against it? Why, join a Facebook group of course:

10,000,000 against the new Facebook

Brilliant. The only problem is that the new design has made it almost impossible to find Facebook groups so it probably won't get very far. Who said bad design can't be functional?

Seriously, Facebook is starting to really rile people and seems to be increasingly treating its users with contempt. The brand loyalty associated with Wikipedia or Google is clearly not something they want to engender. Why they are panicking over the recent success of Twitter is baffling. The two work together rather than in competition. The problem is that change is too easy on-line which means that there is a constant fiddle. Imagine if your local supermarket changed everything completely around every couple of months? It wouldn't be long before you gave up.

The attitude that is leading to the constant re-designs and changing of terms of service (Mark Zuckerberg later backtracked on that initiative) is storing up frustration. Who knows whether the new design will be a 'new coke' moment. But it certainly means that people are losing patience.

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