Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dan Hannan: the authentic voice of conservatism?

Well, I did say last week that I wanted to hear Dan 'the man' Hannan every day talking about his politics and the world. 'The man' has obliged with a blog in the Telegraph so it only seems right that I should do my bit to amplify what he says. Come on Dan, one speech is not enough, the world is at your feet, now is your time, crank it up! I want more noise from you please and at a greater volume. We'll all do our bit to make sure you get the coverage you need.

Predictably (that's not a criticism- his predictability is part of his appeal), he quotes Lord Salisbury in the Telegraph this morning. I'll assume that Winston Churchill is too woolly and liberal for Dan the man. So only Lord Salisbury will do:

"If anything happens, it will be for the worse. It is therefore in our interest that as little should happen as possible."

And so if anything happens in London this week the same bleak assessment can be drawn. Presumably in a squall the best the thing to do is lower the sails and wait for it to pass? No more financial regulation, no bail-outs, no beefing up of international institutions: it's all for the worse. No, we just have to take our medicine as if it was as natural as a passing storm on the open seas.

What could be simpler? The nautical metaphors are clear: anything we do is hopeless so why waste our time and resources? We can no more avoid these economic storms than we can steer out of them once they hit. Lord Salisbury would be in complete agreement (the only real conservative Prime Minister for the last couple of centuries.)

Dan, your new found friends will desert you. Your party will shun you. Fox News is here today but it will be gone tomorrow. But I'll always be here for you. Whatever you want to say I will spread further and wider. Because I believe that your voice should influence the future direction of British politics. Together we can make it happen.


  1. Mr Hannan has been blogging for quite some time and has made many, many speeches. I think you need to do a little more research before posting.

  2. Thank you 'A Voter.' Truly enlightening. It seems amazing that I follow politics, the media and the blogosphere so closely that I missed Dan Hannan. Is there anything else you'd like to fill us in on? Know anything about this Iain Dale guy? Someone mentioned him in passing the other day- maybe I should check him out?

  3. anthony,

    forgive the general non-dan hannan related comment.

    we met some time ago briefly at the st jo's nativity. heard about your blog this morning from the head teacher.

    v. pleased you will be at g20. sounds like all is headed in the right direction.

    enjoyed your book, which i read on my way to detroit in january. it would seem we share similar views on:

    1) sarah palin, 2) parliament/funkadelic.... respect!

    found the whole thing quite an inspirational and uplifting read, as well as a useful crash course in a particular strain of us politic.

    anyway - do hope to bump in to you again sometime. hope all goes well at the 'g'.

    regards, jolyon.

  4. Jolyon- thank you so much. George Clinton's the man!

    Yes, I hope we do bump into one another again.


    p.s. Is that the Headteacher who coincidentally also goes by the surname Painter?