Thursday, 26 March 2009

The British John Stewart......

....has been found. Step forward Charlie Brooker. Surely it's a small step from his Newswipe to a Daily Show style nightly?

When the BBC gets round to doing it, he could cover stories such as Daniel Hannan's speech in the European Parliament the other day.

Brooker could then cut to Hannan's 2004 article on the economic basket case Iceland in The Spectator (analysis here):

"Icelanders understand that there is a connection between living in an independent state and living independently from the state. They have no more desire to submit to international than to national regulation. That attitude has made them the happiest, freest and wealthiest people on earth."

Regulate the City of London? What a mad idea that is- who would ever suggest such a thing? Hannan is so credible that he's ended up on Fox News' Cavuto show. I say give him more exposure. I don't want to ever turn on the TV and not see Daniel Hannan. Just as the White House is promoting Rush Limbaugh as the authentic voice of Republicanism, Hannan is the authentic voice of Conservatism.

The more youtube hits the better. I'll watch it every day until The Daily Show with Charlie Brooker graces our screens.


  1. Too right- it was brill last night, wasn't it....

  2. Too right - he was great last night, I thought.

  3. Fantastic. I like Stuart Lee's new show as well. But Charlie Brooker has a bit of menace to him. When his column is not in Monday's Guardian I am bereft for the entire week.

    Oh, and as an aside, I thought the fundamental point about George Orwell was language and meaning. Not about popularity. I'll leave it there.