Thursday, 19 February 2009

Scourge of the BNP: Vera Lynn

The vile BNP have got themselves in a bit of a pickle by using a couple of Vera Lynn songs on a fundraising CD. The war-time singer is taking legal advice on whether this constitutes an infringement of her intellectual property. Labour MEPs are taking up the broader issue of performers' rights in Brussels by seeking to guarantee copyrights for the lifetime of the performer.

Of course, there is a much broader issue to all of this also. The BNP advocate a set of supremacist and divisive values that are the precise opposite of what my Grand-parents and yours fought for in WWII. They fought against people who advocated racial supremacy and alongside tens of thousands of soldiers from the Commonwealth. The diversity of the British army that defeated Hitler is not nearly commented on enough.

Dunkirk and Normandy were about defeating people like the BNP so how dare they appropriate the culture of the time in their spiteful battle to turn British people against one another.

I wish Vera Lynn every success in her battle against them.

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