Thursday, 29 January 2009

Labour's new technology

Right, I've had a play with Labour's new virtual phonebank that allows party members to make calls to voters from the comfort of their own home. Here's John Prescott demonstrating it:

It is, of course, a copy of Obama's system with the difference that it is not openly accessible. This is not coincidental. But it works, it's effective, and it's extremely well designed. Somebody is doing some serious good in Labour HQ.

The thing that made this tool so effective for Obama wasn't the technology. It was the motivation to use the technology. The big lessons from Obama's campaign weren't the micro ones, important though they were to capturing the inspiration in a useful way. The most important ones were the big lessons: how you can build a story of renewal, communicate that, and build a movement behind it.

So it is really very good to see these innovations- the Tories will have their own version of it very soon I'm sure- but let's not lose sight of the bigger discussion whatever the wizardry.

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