Tuesday, 27 January 2009

DEC appeal not about the rights or wrongs of the conflict

Obsolete makes the point that you can never have true objectivity. Actually, the DEC's video appeal does present a pretty balanced case. It says very clearly at the beginning 'it is not about the rights and wrongs of the conflict.' This is a humanitarian appeal and this allows me to give another opportunity for a donation to be made- a basic plea for help without any need to resort to post-modernist analysis!

Post script: James Forsyth has a post on this over at Coffee House. His argument leads to the inevitable conclusion that you can not have a humanitarian appeal in the event of there being controversy around a conflict. What are the DEC meant to do? Have images of rolling meadows and cute rabbits to a soundtrack of It's a beautiful world? I don't think the anti-Israeli accusation that he makes is at all warranted and is verging on the offensive.

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