Monday, 19 January 2009

The best article on Barack Obama: step forward Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan's article on Barack Obama, the man and what to expect from his presidency in the Sunday Times yesterday was absolutely superb. His analysis of the political direction of this administration is fascinating.

It's just a pity that he chose to make a rather glib and not particularly well argued comparison with David Cameron and chose to describe Barack Obama's politics as 'Tory.' I'm sure that will reassure lots of Tory voters who are confused about why they like and support the incoming President. I am not sure that you can translate British political terms into the American context particularly well. If anything, he is not a Tory but a whig: belief in progress, perfectibility, pragmatic and consensual responses to major political challenges are all part of the Obama approach and are very whiggish. Besides, Obama's proposed $800billion stimulus package which will take US national debt to somewhere near the 8% of GDP mark this year is the diametric opposite to Cameron's approach.

So you can skip the last four or five paragraphs in what is otherwise a superlative piece.

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