Friday, 23 January 2009

Abortion lobby appropriates Barack Obama

This is an incredibly crass advert about abortion:

It is also rather self-defeating. Presumably, if the foetus in the womb that we see were to grow up to be a mass murderer or a serial rapist then it would be OK to abort it? Or do we have to wait for it to become Willie Horton then administer the death penalty?

The President's own views on abortion are that it is a private matter that should not be legally outlawed but that he is against abortion in his own personal judgement. That seems like a reasonable position. There is no-one who is pro-abortion. But the majority of people view it as utterly wrong to in anyway legal proscribe or deny access to abortion services.

Yes, human life has enormous potential. That goes for the mother as well as the foetus and only the individual, with the support of their family, their doctor, and friends can make that decision- a horrendous choice in reality- within the accepted legal parameters.

Presumably, if the child had grown into some anti-Barack Obama we would have had the Imperial death march as a soundtrack. All very manipulative, predictable, and utterly clouds the issue.

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