Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Obama's Convention poll bounce

Obama is starting to bounce following a highly successful Democratic Convention. DailyKos reports a USA Today/Gallup poll that shows significant movement in the Senator's underlying ratings:

- A lead on the "strong and decisive leader" measure over McCain by 46%-44%.
- A 19% lead on handling the economy, slight lead on handling Iraq, narrowing of his deficit on combating terrorism.
- The 'experience' concern about Obama has narrowed by 7%.

Most polls are now showing that Obama's lead over McCain is widening again following a tough August. Meanwhile, the Republicans are having a hard time competing with Hurricane Gustav. There are two more hurricanes on the way for later in the week, likely to hit the key battleground state of Florida, where Obama recorded a poll lead a couple of days ago. 40million or so watched Obama's speech last Thursday. It will be difficult for McCain to attract the same interest if he is competing with extreme weather events.

Every storm cloud has a silver lining. At least it has kept George W Bush and Dick Cheney away from the Convention.

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