Sunday, 7 September 2008

Biden on abortion

Joe Biden, a Catholic, articulated an argument on abortion that I thought was astute when asked the Rick Warren 'when does life begin?' question. He said that his personal faith was that life begins at conception. Though that is his belief, he declined that legislation should be enacted to impose his faith on others.

It struck as an utterly pragmatic and sensible way to rationalise his faith with his politics. He also acknowledged that there has been a discussion within the Catholic church over the centuries. Thomas Aquinas believed, along with many others, that life begins at 'the quickening', i.e. when the foetus first shows signs of life.

Barack Obama has his own conciliatory position. He defines his outlook as being pro-choice but not pro-abortion.

Democrats are looking for ways to smooth the sharp edges of the culture wars. It has only taken them over three decades. At least, they are now looking anew at these questions.

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