Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Liverpool 2 Cameron 0

I just enjoyed Jimmy Corkhill, aka Dean Sullivan, give an absolute thrashing to the author of a rather silly report by Cameron's favourite think tank, Policy Exchange on Sky News. On the ridiculously thin premise that you will not become as wealthy in Liverpool as you will in London, it recommends moving south. Well, they've got the headlines that they crave. Enjoy the whirlwind.

Mr Sullivan pointed out in glorious Liverpool sunshine (it's miserable here in London) that the city is regenerating and has a very rosy future. It's a fantastic place to live and there's more to life than City of London style incomes. All sensible stuff that your average economist would miss. And all absolutely true.

Perhaps it's time for a Boris Johnson style mea culpa from Cameron? I'm sure Radio City would give him all the air time he needs.

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