Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Englewood, Denver, Colorado

Having just arrived in Denver, I literally had a chance to check into my room before Michelle Obama's speech started. It was a quite incredible performance drawing on her South Chicago heritage, the determination of her family to strive and succeed, and emphasising the motivational force of her family in her life.

Modern US presidential elections are a family affair nowadays and have been so since Kennedy's time. Already, the pundits are comparing Michelle Obama's performance to Nancy Reagan's in 1980. Gosh, if his wife is going to produce such a brilliantly pitched and performed speech then Barack Obama is going to have to go off the scale on Thursday.

There will be a huge volume of blogging from a variety of UK bloggers in Denver over the next few days. I'll try to add what I can if it's of interest. I'm over in the States for a few weeks and I'll see how it goes blogging wise. All will become clear.....

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