Tuesday, 12 August 2008

David Davis, where are you?

He's been quiet but we know he's there. After his alter-ego, David Davis, barnstormingly defended each and every person's liberty in the revolution of Haltemprice and Howden, the swashbuckling skills of Libertyman have finally been called upon once again. The notorious villain, Grieve Goblin, has proposed removing checks and balances from police surveillance operations. He has got hold of the most destructive weapon known to man: 'common sense.' With 'common sense' in his possession, can the world possible fight to see another day?

Surely with the help of Libertyman, the Grieve Goblin can be defeated. Where is he? He promised us that he would never desert us. Surely he won't let us down in our hour of need?

Greive Goblin reassures us that 'most of the surveillance operations that would be affected by the rule change could not "reasonably" be seen as interfering with people's privacy.' Phew, glad that's cleared that one up then. 'Most' is good enough for me, I'm a 'common sense' kind of guy.

You see, the Grieve Goblin's powers of persuasion backed up by his 'common sense' arsenal are already having an effect. Libertyman, your hour has come.

Post script: Bob Piper has just posted the same thing (without the silly super hero references.)

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