Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Saving David Cameron's bacon?

The European Parliament is introducing a rule change according to Tory, Dan Hannan MEP, that will mean that European Parliamentary groupings will not be recognised unless they have members from seven countries. This makes Cameron's proposed breakaway euro-sceptic sect much more difficult to achieve (it is not even clear that they would have achieved members from five states, however....)

Of course, the Tory euro-neurotics are screaming conspiracy. I've got a little conspiracy theory of my own. The former Leader of the Conservatives in the EP, Timothy Kirkhope, was instrumental in this new measure progressing. Perhaps Mr Kirkhope has come up with a cunning little device to save his Leader from himself?

If David Cameron can't form the new breakaway grouping because the bar to official recognition is raised, he will be able to wriggle out of a futile gesture of a policy made when he thought he needed to stretch further to the right than was actually the case in the Tory Leadership election in 2005. What's more, he gets to blame Europe for it! What an ingenious climb-down Mr Kirkhope has engineered.

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