Monday, 21 July 2008

Obama VP announcement in next two weeks

Speculating about a VP selection is rather like pre-season transfer speculation, it's rather fun but a bit pointless. However, one thing that seems to be beyond speculation is the timing of the decision. Obama's campaign has announced that there will be no announcement during the Olympics (August the 8th to 24th) and given that the Democratic Convention starts just a couple of days later, it is almost certainly to be in the next two weeks.

So the Senator returns from his trip overseas next weekend and then he will be into the final decision making process. Expect an announcement next week or early the following week. John McCain is likely to announce his running mate at the end of the Democratic Convention week to steal some of Obama's thunder.

Over lunch with Jag Singh last week who worked on the Hillary campaign, he gave me a strong hint that the Obama campaign is looking very seriously at Wesley Clark as a running mate. The appeal is obvious: military expert with a distinguished career, former Hillary backer, vastly experienced, nullifies a series of McCain's positives (in fact, Clark has questioned whether McCain's military experience qualifies him to be President.) Jag's thoughts were also that John McCain was looking very seriously at Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, who is Punjabi Indian by origin.

Given the biographies of Clark and Jindal, it would seem that McCain and Obama are actually considering selecting...........each other. Now there's a thought.

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