Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Work kills

As you finish off your cornflakes and dash for the bus for work this morning, you may not want to dwell on a report from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies about the hazards of working. You are more likely to die in an occupational accident than be murdered and you are more likely to be seriously injured at work than you are as a victim of crime. There were over 1,000 deaths at work in 2005-06 while 765 people were murdered in the same year. Horrific when you think about it.

The report goes on the criticise the performance of the Health and Safety Executive. It is obvious to see why corporate manslaughter legislation was needed but it is clear that the HSE needs to raise its game as well. Deregulation or self-regulation is fine. When there are so many deaths resulting from slack corporate enforcement, however, it is time to re-regulate....and fast.

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