Saturday, 14 June 2008

If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press- Tim Russert RIP

The best political programme in the world is MSNBC's Meet the Press. There is not a political programme in the UK that is fit to polish the shoes of Meet the Press. Tim Russert, the presenter and moderator, died yesterday of a sudden heart attack. May he rest in peace.

Russert combined a lightness of touch with an exhilarating joy of politics, a depth of understanding with a resolute toughness, quick wit with with an unerring ability to get to the core of any issue. He was a giant of journalism, a titan of politics. Under Tim Russert, Meet the Press, from its stunning opening sequence to the soaring quality of its analysis, has set the standard for modern, serious political programming. Below is Russert's final Meet the Press.

This year's Presidential election will be scintillating. We will find it infinitely more difficult to navigate our way through the political thicket without Tim Russert.

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