Thursday, 12 June 2008

David Davis- he's got balls and they are in the air.

Politics is patient game, incremental in many ways, painstaking, about subtle positioning and differentiation. Just occasionally, someone takes a chance, tries to change the game, takes a gamble. Wise old heads shake and sometimes tut, the media has to try to decide whether to give the gambler a line or let them go over the top alone, supporters have to decide whether to go with it or turn their backs.

We'll see what happens in the case of David Davis. I suspect, judging from the initial reaction, he is going to fall flat on his face. The Labour party may not even field a candidate. Deprived of oxygen, David Davis's political career could just quietly expire.

The Telegraph is even sceptical. Adam Boulton is saying that the pressure has just been taken off Gordon Brown and now the focus is on the Tories. If that is the case and the Tories can not withstand the pressure, this could be the most spectacular political gamble in living memory.

David Cameron must feel very frustrated that David Davis is gambling with his chips as well. Game on.

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