Monday, 5 May 2008

Two teenagers on the 133 bus

I was on a bus going up Brixton Hill yesterday and found myself sat in front of an animated conversation about the Mayoral race between two teenagers. Two teenagers on their way out for the evening were discussing the new Mayor, Boris Johnson.

The young man, who supported for Boris, was gaining the upper hand, "Well he's gonna get rid of them bendy buses. They catch fire y'know. Whaddya call it? Spontaneous combustion innit? And Ken was a joke, man. The idea of of having a beach on the South Bank was nutty man. If yer from London why d'ya care about that? It's fine for tourists and that but what about Londoners? Y'know, the ones who are from 'ere."

His companion, a young lady of about the same age, was dumbfounded but spluttered, after a slight pause, "You need your 'ed testin'. You do know that Boris is a Tory don't you? I'm not saying I voted or naffin'. What's the point? But a Tory? What's wrong with you, man?"

The reply came, "Yeah but he's different to most of 'em. He's like a liberal more than a Tory. I'm not saying I voted either but if I did I'd vote for Boris."

"You need your 'ed sorted."

Make of the conversation what you will but there's no doubt the Mayoral race had an impact....

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  1. Superb!!!!!!!! Where has your lovely photo gone?