Monday, 26 May 2008

Freedom of the Underdog

Great piece this morning by Johann Hari in The Indy. I agree- now is the time for Gordon Brown to free himself from electoral concerns and do all the things he's wanted to do in politics. Underdog status could be the making of Gordon Brown. Clear the diary and spend the next few days writing a list of ten things you've ever wanted to achieve and spend two years trying to achieve them.

It's a wonderful position. American Presidents have a recalcitrant Congress to deal with in their second terms when they could be at their boldest. But in the UK there is no such constitutional check. Ironic, given that constitutional reform is one example of New Labour's unfinished business that could be tackled in the next two years.

And what's more, this freedom could be really enjoyable. You can have an idea on Saturday and within a few days you can be doing it without lengthy political naval-gazing. Leave the business of administering the British state to your colleagues. Remove them if they are incompetent but otherwise just leave them to get on with it. Don't save the British economy, leave that to Alistair Darling.

And the best thing? People will see you enjoying yourself. People will see what you stand for. Your opponents would be placed on the back foot- have a little giggle at them. And who knows, your underdog status might just win you the game.

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