Friday, 11 April 2008

Liverpool FC- just what is Tom Hicks up to?

Tom Hicks has written to Rick Parry to demand that he resign as Chief Executive of Liverpool FC. Immediately after a magnificent triumph against Arsenal to find our way into the Champions League semi-finals, what on earth could the atrocious Mr Hicks be up to?

Well, one theory has to be that he is being deliberately obnoxious. I am strangely encouraged by this latest manoeuvre. Surely, this is so barking mad it can only mean that Hicks wants out and is trying to make such a nuisance of himself that the price is upped and the deal is expedited? It could of course mean the opposite as well- he wants to threaten to tear the thing down unless he gets full control. Shudder.

Given that Rick Parry was instrumental in the Hicks/Gillett deal, he should stay until this mess is cleared up then resign with grace. Is Dubai International Capital the answer? No idea but I suspect not. I'm sticking with the romantic option of Share Liverpool FC for now to whom I have pledged £5,000 if they are successful in their bid.

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