Saturday, 15 March 2008

Top blogger in town

One of the pioneer US bloggers, Jerome Armstrong, has been in the UK. His website is a must visit and must visit often. I recently mentioned Jerome in my review of 'The Argument.' It seems that the Lib Dems have been trying to get ahead of the game on the e-communication front. I worked on the 2001 new media campaign for Labour- a campaign that was later described as 'the first election in which the internet influenced electoral politics.' I don't actually agree with that (said by no less than Alastair Campbell.) But the next election could be.

(Shameless plug alert) In my book, Viral Politics, I discussed how the point wasn't the technology, it was more about understanding how people would communicate in a new media environment. Well, people like Jerome Armstrong are taking the theory and putting it into practice. Who will be the first to 'get it' in the UK context? No-one has yet...

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