Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Barack Obama bleeds, Hillary Clinton's whoppers

Peggy Noonan, Chuck Todd and others discuss the impact of the recent race rows on Obama on this week's Meet the Press. The consensus seems to be that the short term hit is steadying but the long term impact is that Obama now is mortal, can no longer walk on water, he bleeds in other words. The rules of the political game are now 'normalised' (see a post from a couple of weeks ago about the impact of a prolonged race on the putative Obama candidacy.)

As for Clinton, more whoppers about her foreign policy experience. The Washington Post has given her 'four Pinocchios' for her account of a visit to Bosnia- the highest whopper rating you can get. See Dick Morris on her Northern Ireland schedules as well. Her story is that she was sent into Bosnia because of the security risk to the President. I guess that's why they sent Sheryl Crow with her as well.......

One final note: watch out for Indiana, could be a pivotal state and takes place on May 6th- the same day as North Carolina. Could May 6th be the day that seals it for Obama or gives Clinton a new surge of momentum?

Post script: A video is doing the rounds showing Hillary dodging bullets, maternally protecting her daughter by ensuring that she didn't walk in the line of fire, and Rambo-style saving Bosnians from the evil Serb forces, on the visit that Hillary was refering to in her much criticised comments. Apologies to Hillary once again. The video is below.

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