Saturday, 8 March 2008

Larry David, Northern Ireland and tactics

Northern Ireland. A couple of weeks ago I expressed surprise that 'helping the peace process' was a central element of Hillary Clinton's presidential cv. The issue has come up again following comments by Lord Trimble. The Washington Post also did a 'fact check' on Hillary's role in Northern Ireland a while. Friends tell me that I was a bit too dismissive of Hillary's role. She is certainly a popular figure in the nationalist community as is Bill. But instrumental she wasn't so her claims are still misleading. The Washington Post gave her a one Pinocchio rating out of four. I would give her two (see scale here.)

Obama's tactics. On Thursday I discussed how Obama should just keep going but with some tactical calibration. I said there is a risk that if this race goes on for too long Obama could become 'normalised.' David Brooks has a very good analysis of the tactical challenge that is faced by Senator Obama in today's New York Times. What he's doing is working, stick to it, and he will in all likelihood be the Democratic nominee.

Larry David. The man is a comedy colossus. Read his thoughts on Obama and Clinton here.

Post script: What a remarkable day in the FA Cup. Congratulations to Barnsley and Portsmouth though it always painful to see Manchester United and Chelsea knocked out of the cup. Fernando Torres is still on fire for Liverpool. Gosh he's good.

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