Sunday, 16 March 2008

John McCain gains on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Well, it was expected but a McCain surge has begun. There are two reasons behind this: the continuing rancour between the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns and Ralph Nader entering the race.

Yes, that's Ralph Nader, green and consumer rights activist who takes on powerful vested corporate and political interests and stands in Presidential elections, taking enough votes from Democrats to put George W Bush in the White House. A true hero of the left......and prize wally. I've heard that Halliburton has a Ralph Nader bust in the reception of their US HQ in Houston. Workers plant a respectful kiss on his right cheek as they arrive for work every morning. The biggest new business generator in the company every year receives the Ralph Nader Shield. And high-flying new graduates are placed on the 'Nader Leadership Program.'

Anyway, this is all rather frustrating. Clinton and Obama are heading for an almost dead heat with Obama's nose just ahead (he has gained another 8 or so delegates in Iowa for example who were previously uncommitted.) But will either of the campaigns have the energy and momentum to prevent a third term for the neo-conservatives in the White House?

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