Thursday, 13 March 2008

Hillary Clinton's tepid response to Geraldine Ferraro

Well it seems that I didn't go far enough in my criticism of Hillary Clinton over the Geraldine Ferraro outrage. This guy goes one or two steps further:

But probably the most damning thing is to listen to Ms Ferraro herself (I couldn't actually listen to much of it, it is so bad):

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  1. I will bow and scrap and beg forgiveness for thinking that Obama is black.

    People are being hipocrites. Ferraro said what has been said over and over in blogland. I can't count the number of times that I have read how great it would be to have the 1st black president or how people can identify with Obama because he's black and he understands discrimination or other issues addressed by minorities. And that's not counting the thousands of blogs that are based on race. So please, Ferraro's comments have been blown out of proportion, especially since what she said was true, but naturally it isn't politically correct to say so. You know what we are to the world? A bunch of hipocrites! Can we at least say that Obama is a man?? or would that be gender biased??