Friday, 21 March 2008

Governor Bill Richardson to endorse Barack Obama

There has been much speculation about who former Clinton cabinet member and Presidential candidate, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, would endorse. It's Obama.

I've speculated recently about the suitability of Bill Richardson as a running mate for Obama (experienced, Clintonite, foreign policy expertise, Latino, Southern.) I've yet to hear a good argument against him. Watch this space.

Now, where are John Edwards and Al Gore? Now is the time to get this closed off before more damage is done.

At the same, time Clinton's foreign policy experience has once again been questioned following the release of her White House schedules. It is a pity that the claims that she has made have been so overblown because it seems that she did make a contribution. But certainly nothing that readies her to answer the '3am call' more than her opponent.

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