Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Fernando Torres, Rafa Benitez, and Andy Gray: the (very) good, the great, and the ugly

Time for a football post....

The following documentary by Michael Robinson, former Liverpool striker and now Spanish TV presenter, is excellent. Fans of Fernando Torres enjoy.

Benitez. There is some revisionism on his management this year. Whatever happens from here on in Liverpool have beaten AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, the last four seasons. Great record and here is an article backing Rafa that should be read in The Irish Independent.

Andy Gray. His commentary on the Inter v Liverpool game was a sackable offence. At the very least, he should not commentate on any more Liverpool games as he is incapable of objectivity (though it only surfaces occasionally, it festers for a few games, then rears its ugly head from time to time.) See here for the reaction on Merseyside.

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  1. I'm a West Ham supporter, but even I enjoyed that video. It's refreshing to hear a young footballer being so modest.