Thursday, 27 March 2008

Blog Wars

Blogging is a big deal in US politics. Here it is a bit of a geeky side-show but that will change. The Democrats have the edge on the web whereas the Republicans, certainly right-wing blusterers have the best of talk radio.

The two main US Democratic party blogs, MyDD and Daily Kos, are at loggerheads in much the same way that the party itself is torn by the candidacies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. MyDD is pro-Hillary. Daily Kos is pro-Obama. Hillary supporters even threatened to go on 'strike' from his site a few weeks ago.

Now war has broken out. Jerome Armstrong who established and runs MyDD has threatened to tighten membership of his site to more carefully moderate users. He put up a full-blooded post yesterday attacking Obama's support in so-called 'red states' (i.e. states that normally vote Republican.) It showed Obama way behind. A little later in the day he had to admit that Hillary would perform as badly if not worse than Obama in these states.

Meanwhile, Daily Kos has officially endorsed Obama (though he has long been vocal in his support for him.) Though this is not as significant as Governor Bill Richardson's endorsement, the addition of an Obama fundraising button to the site will be very worthwhile. And no, I don't think that Kos will be on the short-list for VP nominee.

Watch what happens on these sites when the nominee is finally decided. Just a cursory browse of the sites' discussion boards will show you how divisive and venomous this race has become (amongst activists at any rate.) The media certainly will be watching....

Post Script: For more on the US elections on the web see this post.

Post Script 2: Liberal Conspiracy is reporting that MyDD's Jerome Armstrong has been hired by Brian Paddick campaign for London Mayor. He was over here a while ago at the Lib Dem Spring conference. It's a bit late in the day for Paddick's campaign but the Lib Dems will definitely pick up some tricks from Armstrong.

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