Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Army Cadets

I was fascinated to see that the Tories are considering a proposal to introduce the army cadets into every secondary school as reported by the Evening Standard tonight. You can take the boy out of Eton, but you can't take Eton out of the boy.....

Now I don't know what others' experience was of the Combined Cadet Force (as it was called in my day) but I remember feeling faintly ridiculous marching around the school playground for no apparent reason. I went once. Then played football instead for the rest of the year. That's not quite true. I went one more time because we were going to get to fire a machine gun (c'mon- that IS fun) but ended up being thrown in a river. That was it- back to football and hiding from detention.

Anyway, good one Team Cameron. Can't wait to see the reaction if the idea goes any further. What else? Dunkings for failing exams? Bring back fagging? School song and recantation of the Latin motto every morning?

POST SCRIPT: Nick Clegg was atrocious on Newsnight tonight- stroppy, incoherent, flustered. I am told by people who have known him for years that he does have talent. Surely he could have picked a policy area where his party isn't so ridiculously divided and tactically perverse for the first public demonstration of his leadership abilities?

POST SCRIPT II: Arsenal were absolutely fantastic tonight. Hats off to them. Manchester United were mediocre and still don't look the part in Europe.

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