Friday, 22 February 2008

West Wing politics

Someone was good enough to remind me that a few weeks ago I made reference to West Wing Series 6 and 7 and the current Presidential race. I thought it was a pretty banal point but it seems there is a linkage, in that Mr Obama was a creative foundation for the fictional Matt Santos (played by Jimmy Smits of LA Law fame.) A case of life imitating art imitating life, surely?

My embarrassment is that I wanted the moderate conservative Republican Arnie Vinick to win the fictional race (for the novelty value). Vinick was an atheist as he divulged over ice cream in a slightly surreal scene with President Bartlett which took place in the White House kitchens (in fairness most of the West Wing is more than slightly surreal.) John McCain seems to have problems with even mild environmentalism let alone atheism. So I find it unlikely that my support for Vinick will extend to McCain. It's Matt Santos all the way for me. LA Law was great after all.

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