Monday, 18 February 2008

The Tory approach to the EU

Caroline Jackson, a Tory MEP for the South West, dissects her own party's euro-scepticism in the FT today (I think that link may only work for 24 hours). It is clear that a number of Conservative representatives are not capable of responsibly representing their constituents' interests in the Europe.

You would have thought that Counservatives would have been appalled by the childish and obstructive behaviour of some of their representatives. You would have thought that David Cameron would realise that European cooperation was critical to achieve his environmental aims. You would have thought that discipline would have followed some outrageous behaviour by Tory MEPs. You'd be wrong.

What's more, the Tory rank and file love this disruptive and offensive behaviour.

In time, the policies pursued by his party in Europe and the conduct of his representatives will come to haunt David Cameron. Maybe sooner rather than later. Unlike a group of lads on a European city stay stag weekend, what happens in Brussels will not stay in Brussels.....

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