Saturday, 16 February 2008

Southam, Warwickshire, UK

Some might say the Southam is not as glamourous as Washington DC and Warwickshire doesn't exert the same global power. And they'd be right.

But I had the joy of getting straight off the plane and heading to the West Midlands with Michael Cashman MEP to visit one of the friendliest Labour branches in the country.

Michael eloquently articulated the importance of the European Union to diversity, the spread of human rights, and the protection of equality. The members kindly listened to my enthusing about the US primary battle. It is clear that the Obama v Clinton fight is captivating and exciting the entire democratic world.

Maybe there should be a UK primary much like the Premier League is planning to host one match a season overseas? Bill Clinton once came to the Labour party conference and declared himself to be the delegate from Hope, Arkansas, Constituency Labour Party after all!

Footnote: Liverpool have lost 2-1 to Barnsley of the Championship (second division in England) today. At home. The first football post is one step closer.....

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