Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Interstate 95, Washington DC to Baltimore

Listening to public radio and it is airing a speech by Ann Coulter. Along with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others, Coulter is one of the ring-wing ideologues who inhabit the US airwaves and cyberspace. They are going to cause an immense amount of difficulty for John McCain. Quite simply only their version of conservatism will do and they are going to shout about it.

The mix is simple- unregulated free markets, low taxes, social conservatism, authoritarian domestic security, and aggressive and unilateralist foreign policy. Now, John McCain happens to have voted against Bush tax cuts that were targeted at the super-rich and exacerbated the budget deficit, believes in limiting carbon emissions, and favours a conditional amnesty on illegal immigrants. I honestly don't see how any of John McCain's positions contradict conservatism. On these particular issues, he just happens to be at the moderate end of conservativism (on other issues he is not, for example, he is 'pro-life')

But Coulter and co are refusing to accept that he is a conservative. Coulter is even saying that she will vote Hillary Clinton over McCain (I won't go into her logic because it's pointless doing so and quite boring). So McCain is in real trouble with the right of the party. They try to make a virtue out of non-compromise also. I really think that the Democrats are going to have a field day because if he's to motivate the base then he will have to 'flip-flop'- fatal.

One more note. The politics of these right-wingers is brutal and punishing both domestically and internationally. Coulter also manages to be personally spiteful with it. A really nasty piece of work that I'm glad that we don't have the like of in British politics.

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