Sunday, 10 February 2008

Dupont Circle, Washington DC

My first encounter with a group of Obama campaigners today. Two things struck me chatting to them. Firstly, they really consider themselves to be part of a 'movement.' Secondly, I asked them why they had a problem with Hillary and they don't, they are just excited by Obama.

I will be heading to an Obama rally tomorrow. Better arrive early particularly as Obama has won big tonight.


  1. Hi! I'm a friend of John Slinger's from DC. John of course being from your side of the pond, in Gloucestershire. He directed me to your blog, which looks really interesting!

    To comment on your post, and as an Obama supporter who does have a problem with Hillary, here is why:

    Our generation in America (say anyone under 40, really) has been dictated to by these anodyne corporate puppets all our lives. These folks are followers, not leaders; they are installed by "the powers that be," whom we never see and can never engage in any meaningful way (some democracy, right?). Hillary is another such puppet, whereas Barack is a leader. Barack makes speeches; Hillary makes public appearances.

    That's why I dislike Hillary, and it probably goes a long way toward explaining why Barack's message has resonated so well. To be fair, Hillary herself is hardly responsible for exploitation of the American people by unseen corporate overlords. She's a dedicated and thoughtful politician. But she's on the receiving end of a great deal of resentment, which has built up over decades, and which Barack has successfully tapped. That's my take on it anyway--and Barack is the first politician I've ever given a penny to!

    Do enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions, concerns, etc., please get in touch (

    Michael McCarthy

  2. Hi,

    Well it's nice to see my good friend Mike McCarthy adding to the debate....

    I just wanted to say to any Rugby/Warwickshire-based readers that my band, The 7.20s, is playing at the Stereotype Night at Style Bar in Rugby tomorrow, Friday 26th.

    We're supporting the excellent band, Exit Calm (the only free entry night on their UK tour).

    Please pop along. We're also handing out a few sample cds with a track from our forthcoming EP - Aquarian Charm.

    Thanks and best wishes to Anthony - see you soon.