Tuesday, 12 February 2008

1st Mariners Arena, Baltimore, MD

Teddy Roosevelt once said that there are only two types of President- a James Buchanan or Abraham Lincoln. I took the opportunity of a couple of hours to kill and picked up a copy of the Baltimore Sun which had an article on experience and Presidents and now understand what Roosevelt meant.

Buchanan had it all: served in both houses of Congress, Minister to GB, Secretary of State and finally President. He was a woeful President, presiding over the expansion of slavery financial panic and drift towards civil war. Lincoln, who had only served in the Illinois state legislature and for one term in Congress, proved to be a history maker, winning the civil war and abolishing slavery in the process.

There is, of course, another one-term Illinois Congressman in the current race. Not surprisingly he makes generous references to Lincoln. CV's only go so far. They don't demonstrate the real qualities of a leader.

Quick footnote: Obama spoke to 25,000 people at lunchtime today and 13,000 this evening. He had to cancel a rally this morning due to high winds (high AND cold, believe me!) That's 38,000 in a day!

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